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Thunderbird LT & Commander Mufflers

Triumph Thunderbird Commander and LT model mufflers.

Enhance your riding experience and make your Thunderbird LT/Commander sound as it should!

These free flowing long mufflers allow for an extra plenum chamber before the baffle which enhances the sound of the pipe greatly. The result is a very big deep sound with real presence.

We believe they are the best sounding Thunderbird mufflers out there! A recent customer hit the nail on the head by describing them as "loud but not too loud with a deeper tone" see the clip below to hear the difference.

The long mufflers provide better protection against heat damage for those with leather saddlebags however these can be made in a shorter length for those who do not have saddlebags.

No extra tuning required.

Available in chrome.

Thunderbird LT Mufflers   US$ 1,060.40 Quantity
Thunderbird Commander Mufflers   US$ 1,060.40 Quantity