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CoolRide Heating System - Bar heater

Bar heater
The CoolRide Bar Heating System has many benefits over traditional electrically heated grips. You can retain your stock handlebar grips which are much smaller in diameter creating more grip strength and less stress on your hand. The CoolRide system is mounted inside of the handlebars preventing weather damaging the systems components, which increases the durability and longevity of the heating system.
Fits on almost all motorcycles.
Before purchasing: Please read the installation instruction. Things like welded-in weight bars, guiding pins or other stuff that blocks the space inside the steering handlebar tube has to be removed before the cartridges can be glued in.
We offer 14mm to 20mm sized cartridges. If you need something beyond our standard portfolio or special advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The CoolRide system has a 5 year limited liability warranty.

This superior heating system offers the following advantages:
Invisible installation
Crash proof
No messy cables, different from heated gloves or hot grips
Electronic power control Reliable & permanent (5 years warranty)
Highly flexible FEP cables, withstands temperatures from -50C to +205C, 120cm long
Monolithic design, vibration proof
Rock solid cast material with optimised thermal conductivity

There are three system options.

Grip Heating System Standard
This Standard system provides the essentials needed to increase your comfort while riding. This simple and puristic system includes a rugged electric 2-step switch (3 positions: low, off, and high). Another benefit about the Standard system is that it is completely up-gradable. You can always purchase one of two temperature control units, push buttons, or the LED bar graph at a later time.

Grip Heating System Deluxe
The Deluxe system takes comfort to the next level. The 5 step power control unit, single push button, and LED bar graph display allow you to easily control your comfort with the push of one button. Changing your comfort level never became so easy. Additionally, the power control unit is compatible with other heated sports gear, heated seats, etc.
The power control unit also has a memory feature to save your settings from the last ride.

Grip Heating System Deluxe TC
This Deluxe Temperature Compensation System has a 5 step power control unit, single push button, LED bar graph display, memory feature, and the automatic temperature control that maintains a set temperature even as the air temperature changes. The temperature compensation feature responds to changing air temperatures. This ensures a constant warmth comfort during rides. When air temperature drops, power level increases automatically. If the temperature rises again, power level decreases accordingly. You can monitor this automatic behaviour via the bargraph display.
As an alternative the power control unit can be ordered with a touch sensor that is mounted under the motorcycles plastic fairing. This makes the control device invisible. A more clean installation is just not possible. The touch sensor recognizes the presence of your hand, even with thick winter gloves.

Grip Heating Standard Kit   NZ$ 204.00 Quantity
Grip Heating Deluxe Kit   NZ$ 433.00 Quantity
Grip Heating Deluxe TC Kit   NZ$ 461.00 Quantity