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Saddlebag Kits for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 / 1700 Storm & Commander

Available through Thunderbike are these high quality saddlebag kits from Cs & V. Each kit comes complete with saddlebags and mounting brackets for easy mounting and removal of the panniers from your Thunderbird. Got the Triumph Quick Release Sissy Bar fitted? Don't fret, an additional kit makes the mounting system fully compatible so there's no interference with your sissy bar mechanism.

Each Saddlebag features pvc reinforced flaps, sides, front and bottom and all the corners are reinforced too so no disfigured bags in a few months time! The backs of all the bags are rigid HDPE laminate which allows for the mounting of the quick release bracket system. The flaps are held closed with traditional rust free buckles and a hidden quick release buckle underneath. The tops of the bags also feature a discreet sliding handle for easy carrying.

These panniers are available in split leather or full grain leather. What is the difference?
The "split" is the underside of the hide. Most saddlebags on the market are made of this leather and it is a good material. However this leather is not quite as strong as grain leather and it is more difficult to make it water proof or water resistant.

Full grain leather - The strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal is just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight, and the leather made from here is called full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather.

The sets come in split leather as standard (unless stated otherwise). If you would like to upgrade to full grain leather you can select the full grain leather option in the form below.

Whichever you choose, to keep it's condition leather must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned!

The bags can be customised with one or all of these options

  • Lid locks
  • Alutech Construction - for an even more rigid bag.
  • Studded Finish
  • Antique Brown Leather

Note: Prices for the customisation options are at the bottom of form below.
If your bike has a Triumph quick release or hard mount sissy bar fitted you will also need the additional hardware kit listed below.

Each kit comes with a pair of quick release mounting brackets which mount on the back of the saddlebag. The brackets attach to the bike on two bobbins which mount on the outside of the rear fender mount points. If you have the detachable sissy bar kit fitted you will need the additional hardware kit so they don't affect the operation of the quick release sissy bar kit.

With the brackets mounted on the bag the pannier can simply be slipped onto the bobbins and locked in place. Removal is just as easy.

The brackets are supplied unmounted with the saddlebags so you can mount them in the best position for you and your bike. Mounting is straight forward, requiring drilling 4 holes.

Note: Should you require the saddlebags only without fitting kit contact us for pricing.

Saddlebag Specs:

P47XL & C47XL:
Material: Split or full grain leather, PE reinforcements inside, HDPE laminate back
Capacity: 24L ea / 48L set
Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 18.5cm
The only difference between these two bags is the contour of the top flap. P47 has a square profile, C47 has a curved contour when viewed end on.

Material: Split or full grain leather, PE reinforcements inside, HDPE laminate back
Capacity: 19L ea / 38L set.
Dimensions: 50 cm x 27 x 17

Material: Split or full grain leather, PE Reinforcements inside, completely laminated.
Capacity: 23L ea / 46L / set.
Dimensions: 45 cm x 31 x 18.5

Material : FULL GRAIN COW LEATHER AS STANDARD, completely laminated / reinforced with 2mm Polyethylene at the inside. This makes these bags not only strong, but gives them also an extremely good form stability. Available in black or antique brown.
Capacity: 20L ea / 40L set.
Dimensions: 49 cm x 31 x 17

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from date of order for standard bags.
Customised bags allow and extra week.

Split Leather Saddlebag Set P47XL-502   NZ$ 1,312.08 Quantity
Split Leather Saddlebag Set C47XL-502   NZ$ 1,367.52 Quantity
Split Leather Saddlebag Set C105-502   NZ$ 1,250.48 Quantity
Split Leather Saddlebag Set C5XL   NZ$ 1,459.92 Quantity
Split Leather Saddlebag Set P101   NZ$ 1,386.00 Quantity
Split Leather Saddlebag Set P102-502   NZ$ 1,472.24 Quantity
Full Grain Leather Saddlebag Set P109-502   NZ$ 1,552.32 Quantity
Full Grain Leather   NZ$ 123.20 Quantity
Lid Locks   NZ$ 99.00 Quantity
Studded Finish   NZ$ 37.00 Quantity
Antique Brown Leather   NZ$ 198.00 Quantity
Alutech Construction   NZ$ 271.50 Quantity
Hardware for Triumph Quick Release Sissy Bar   NZ$ 49.50 Quantity
Hardware for Triumph Hard Mount Sissy Bar   NZ$ 49.50 Quantity