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Thunderbike Thunderbird 1600 Oversize T-Bars

Enhance the look of your new Thunderbird with these awesome oversize T-Bars.. at 1.5 inches diameter, these are meaty! Available in matte black or chrome to give the custom look you prefer and they are so easy to fit..
No modifications to any controls are necessary as the diameter where the grips and controls fit are left at the standard handlebar diameter, no extended cables needed, just unbolt the standard ones and the fittings, put the new ones on and re-fit the controls, job done!
Stand back and admire, then get out on the road and salivate!

These bars have the same rise and pullback as the original fitment Triumph bars.

It is still possible to lift your tank with these fitted by loosening the mounting bolts a few turns to allow a bit of flex.

Proudly made in New Zealand!

Please note: We offer a 6 month warranty on all chromed products from the date of purchase, the same as genuine Triumph.
While chrome should last longer than that in some environments/condition, there are others (eg, coastal situations, or areas where salts are applied to the road, or even storage in a moist environment, like a steel container or unlined steel garage) where chrome can fail very quickly indeed. Chrome has a very porous finish and should always be waxed to prolong its life.

And don't forget the prices below INCLUDE shipping!

Triumph Thunderbird Oversize T-Bars Chrome   AU$ 609.94 Quantity
Triumph Thunderbird Oversize T-Bars Matte Black   AU$ 522.11 Quantity