Universal Quick Removal Saddle Bag Mounts

Thunderbike saddlebag mounts: Lockable quick release two-point docking system.

For any make or model with fender bolts in a straight line with a distance of 120mm - 231mm apart.

If the rear fender bolts are not in line, or a greater distance apart than 231mm, we can supply an adapter plate.

No more buying saddlebags and mounts just for one model of bike. If the bike is sold bags and mounts can be swapped to your next bike.

Existing bolts on fender rail are replaced with docking posts which the mounts slide over.

The backing plates are bolted to your saddle bags with the Mount pods which can be slid on and off the bike in seconds. Mount pods are then key locked to the bike.

Powder coated Matt black over zinc coating for maximum protection.
Pair of quick removal mounts. All hardware supplied.

Manufactured in New Zealand by Thunderbike Engineering, a New Zealand owned company for over 20 years, manufacturing and supplying quality motor bike accessories.

Costs include freight and GST (if in New Zealand). Duty and any local costs that may be applicable for overseas destinations are not included.

Thunderbike quick removal mounts (pair)   NZ$ 395.00 Quantity
Adapter plate (pair)   NZ$ 121.00 Quantity

Thunderbird Adventurer:

Our aftermarket parts for the Triumph Adventurer cruiser motorcycle will enhance the performance and appearance of your motorbike. Thunderbike manufactures high quality parts for the Triumph Adventurer like saddlebag luggage support and performance mufflers / exhausts and mudguards. Additionally we offer third party motorcycle parts from other manufacturers that we have tested ourself.