Manufactured for and to Thunderbike Engineering specifications are these high-quality full grain leather saddle bags.
Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight and the leather made from here is called full grain as against spolit grain as used by some other manufacturers.

Saddlebags are available with two mounting options, Easy brackets for easy lift off and removal from the bike and the second option, fixed pannier brackets in either powder coated matt black or chrome.

Bag size 370mm long x 170mm deep x 270mm high.

Each saddlebag features a UHMW plastic internal bag liner fitted against the back of the bag to give added strength. A flap is fitted under the lid of the bag which is fitted with a dome fastening and adds extra sealing. A flap at the front of the lid is also domed down.

The flap or lid is secured by traditional buckles for that old world look and a hidden lockable quick release plastic buckle underneath.
To keep its condition, leather must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned.
Saddle bags are available in black or mottled brown.

Mounting Options-
Easy Brackets: Lockable quick release two-point docking system. Existing bolts on fender rail are replaced with docking posts which the Easy brackets mount onto. Pair of Easy brackets with mounting hardware.

Thunderbike Pannier brackets/back supports to permanently mount bags.
Powdercoated black or Chrome.

Select which bag colour you want and which mounting system.

Costs include freight and GST (if in New Zealand). Duty and any local costs that may be applicable for overseas destinations are not included.

Black   NZ$ 915.00 Quantity
Mottled Brown   NZ$ 915.00 Quantity
Mounting Option - Easy Brackets   NZ$ 551.00 Quantity
Mounting Option-Thunderbike Pannier brackets Black   NZ$ 368.00 Quantity
Mounting Option-Thunderbike Pannier bracket Chrome   NZ$ 466.00 Quantity

Thunderbird Adventurer:

Our aftermarket parts for the Triumph Adventurer cruiser motorcycle will enhance the performance and appearance of your motorbike. Thunderbike manufactures high quality parts for the Triumph Adventurer like saddlebag luggage support and performance mufflers / exhausts and mudguards. Additionally we offer third party motorcycle parts from other manufacturers that we have tested ourself.