Triumph Tiger 885i (99-00 model) Stainless Performance Muffler Kit

Stage One
This is just the adaptor pipe only:

This replaces the existing collector box/catalyst on the 885i Tiger. Fitting this adaptor pipe alone will give an increase in power, which improves the 885i Tiger output to a level higher than a standard 885i. Factory exhaust note remains virtually unchanged. See dyno chart for results.

Stage Two
This is the Thunderbike Performance Muffler only:

This is a bolt on replacement muffler which works best with the factory standard pipe tune. A noticeable power increase of 4bhp and torque improvement can be expected at the rear wheel. The distinct Triumph Triple 3 into 1 exhaust note will accompany the performance improvement.

Stage Three

Thunderbike Performance Muffler Kit:

This kit gives the maximum performance benefit. Fitting the Performance Muffler and replacing the collector/catalyst with our adaptor pipe will increase power to 86bhp at the rear wheel with a noticable increase in torque throughout the rev range. The sound is also increased giving a satisfying 3 into 1 growl-to-howl (depending on operator technique!!!) to compliment your new increased performance.

Must be used with Triumph aftermarket pipe tune#10126

Proudly made in New Zealand.
Our exhausts are made to order and the lead time to manufacture is 3-4 weeks plus shipping.
Remember the price below includes shipping to wherever you are in the world!

Tiger 885i Stage 1 Adapter pipe TBTIGCOL Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 322.92 Quantity
Tiger 885i Stage 2 Muffler onlyTBTIGMUF Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 1,028.43 Quantity
Tiger 885i Stage 3 Collector and Muffler kit Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 1,281.15 Quantity


Protect your Triumph Tiger when you go offroad with Thunderbike's Crashbars, Sump Guard, Mudguards and Radiator Stone Guards and add that extra performance with our Stainless Muffler Exhaust kit. We also offer third party aftermarket parts for your Triumph Tiger motorcycle like luggage racks, automatic chain oilers or handlebar grip heaters.