Air Injection Eliminator Kit for Triumph Twins

The air injection system is designed to mix air with the exhaust gases to burn unspent fuel as mandated by the EPA. This causes superheated exhaust turning the header pipes blue. Removing the SAI system will decrease / eliminate the blueing effect and reduce the popping on over run you will hear more of when you fit free flowing mufflers to your Triumph twin.

This is a complete air injection removal kit including stainless steel bolts with the Thunderbike 'T' milled into the top, two copper washers, airbox plug and vacuum port cap (where req'd) and comes complete with easy to follow instructions for fitment to carbureted or EFI models.

These are suitable for fitment to all model years (carb or EFI) of the following Triumphs:

  • America
  • Bonneville
  • Bonneville SE
  • Bonneville T100
  • Scrambler
  • Speedmaster
  • Thruxton

Proudly made in New Zealand

Note that when fitting to EFI models you will need to do one of the following to stop the engine management light from illuminating:

- Use TuneECU (free download) to disable the warning light signal (This is covered in our instructions and is quite straight forward. You will need a computer and suitable cable available seperately)
- Leave the solenoid connected to the wiring loom
- Replace the solenoid in the wiring loom with a suitable substitute resistance

Carb Air Injection Eliminator Kit TBTWINSAIKITC Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 118.00 Quantity
EFI Air Injection Eliminator Kit TBTWINSAIKITI Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 118.00 Quantity


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