Thunderbird 1600/1700/Storm Mufflers

These are available as a pair of slip on mufflers, shorter, slimmer and more tucked in compared to the splayed out look of the factory originals.

Gain up to 5bhp between 2-4600rpm (2bhp at peak) - Mufflers, Thunderbike High Flow Air Intake and Triumph aftermarket tune 020306, available from all Triumph dealers.

Whats not to love? Lose 4.4kg and make it sing like it should do but still a conscientious 94dBA, see for yourself:

Simple to fit and high quality fit and finish. Retain the original heat shields for that factory quality finish.
Proudly made in New Zealand

Please note: We offer a 6 month warranty on all chromed products from the date of purchase, the same as Genuine Triumph.
While chrome should last longer than that in some environments/condition, there are others (eg, coastal situations, or areas where salts are applied to the road, or even storage in a moist environment, like a steel container or unlined steel garage) where chrome can fail very quickly indeed. Chrome has a very porous finish and should always be waxed to prolong its life.

NB: The photos show the most up to date style of this exhaust. The video shows an older version of this pipe.

Our exhausts are made to order and the lead time to manufacture is 3-4 weeks plus shipping.

Thunderbird 1600/1700/Storm Mufflers Includes freight   NZ$ 1,521.00 Quantity
Thunderbird 1600 Stainless Collector Includes freight   NZ$ 684.45 Quantity

Tunderbird Storm:

Our aftermarket parts for the Triumph Thunderbird Storm motorcycles will enhance the performance and appearance of your motorbike. Our own high quality Thunderbike made parts for the Triumph Thunderbird cruisers include luggage racks, handlebars and performance mufflers / exhausts that will add some functional chrome and power gain to your motorbike. We also offer quality third party Triumph motorcycles accessories from other manufacturers that we have tested ourself.