Retractable Pop Up Fuel Cap for Triumph Thunderbird LT

These neat little gas caps give a clean look to your tank and have the added benefit of being lower profile than the standard fuel cap making them particularly suitable if you carry a tank bag on occasions. They are also super easy to fit, they replace the original fuel cap without any modification to the old cap or tank.

The replacement petrol caps are well made in Aluminium and are available in a chrome or black anodized finish. The mechanism works smoothly, just press down on the centre and turn 90 degrees to release the knurled inner and simply screw the cap off or on as usual. Pop the inner back down and turn back through 90 degrees to keep it down out of the way. Have a look at the video below if we've managed to baffle you!


  • Lower profile for easy/flat tank bag positioning
  • Clean tank lines
  • Easy to fit, it is a straight replacement for the original
  • Lustrous chrome or contemporary black anodized finish
  • Quality fit and smooth operation

These fuel caps will fit the following Triumph models and also many other makes of bike that utilise a screw on gas cap.

Bonneville including the T100 & SE (not the 1200)
Legend TT
Rocket 3 Touring
Thruxton (not the 1200)
Thunderbird 1600, 1700 & Storm
Thunderbird 900 & 900 Sport

Prices below INCLUDE shipping.

Pop up Gas Cap Chrome SKMRGCC Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 79.00 Quantity
Pop up Gas Cap Black SKMRGCB Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 79.00 Quantity

Thunderbird LT:

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