Ventura Bike Pack System

Available through Thunderbike the VENTURA Aerodynamic Bike-Pack Systems make motorcycle luggage easy. The luggage rack system consists of 3 core components...

  • The L-Brackets
  • The Luggage Racks
  • The Packs

L Brackets
Each L-Brackets is individually designed and custom-made for your model bike to complement rather than detract from its stylish looks, unlike other motorbikes accessories.
These are made to order with a lead time of approx 3 weeks.

You are then able to select from the following range of luggage racks/accessories to suit your needs..

The Pack Rack slots easily into the L-Bracket sockets. It is then securely locked into place by two key operated locking devices. The Pack Rack supports the pack in a way that eliminates load shift.

The Sport Rack is designed for use around town, but is easily interchangeable with the Pack Rack in mere seconds. It also doubles as a grab rail for your passenger.

Evo Rack
The EVO-Rack is designed to be used when you only need to carry a small amount of luggage, spare gloves, rain suit etc. The rack has been designed to work with and compliment our EVO-10 and EVO-40 Packs.
The EVO-Rack is quick to fit and is part of the Bike-Pack System along with the L-Brackts, Pack-Rack and any of the packs you choose.

Top Box Rack
The Top Box Rack is designed to fit easily into the L-Brackets to hold your Top Box securely to your motorbike.

Grab Handle
When you don't need to carry luggage why not use the VENTURA system to provide some extra peace of mind for your passenger? The Grab-Handle (also called a sissy bar) can be slotted and secured into the L-Brackets in seconds. Now you have a sturdy hand hold for your passenger. It looks stylish too!

You can then attach your chosen bag to the pack system.
A wide range of motorcycle bags and packs are available to fit the system, ranging from the Aero Series to the Classic Series. Please click HERE to view the range for your bike.

Please contact us for current lead times & remember the prices below INCLUDE shipping!

Thunderbird/Storm/Commander L Brackets - Black TO33/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 295.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander L Brackets - Chrome TO33/C Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 295.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander Pack Rack PR30/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 129.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander Sport Rack SR14/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 89.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander Top Box Rack TBR30/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 89.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander Evo Rack ER30/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 229.00 Quantity
Thunderbird/Storm/Commander Grab Handle GH14/16/B Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 35.50 Quantity

Thunderbird Commander:

Our aftermarket parts for the Triumph Thunderbird Commander cruiser allow you to improve your motorbike's performance and custom styling. Our own Thunderbike parts are manufactured to highest standards. We make oversized T-Bar Handlebars, Sissy Bars and luggage racks to improve your cruising; performance mufflers to gain more power, looks and sound and crash guards to protect your bike. Additionally, we offer 3rd party Triumph motorcycle parts from other manufacturers that we have tested ourself.