Thunderbike Thunderbird 16/1700 Preload & Ride Height Fork Cap Kit

Tired of ground clearance affecting your ride?

Raise the front end of your droopy T'Bird with these Thunderbike Fork Caps.

A direct replacement for your standard fork caps in 6061-T6 Aluminium, these caps include an extended preload boss which helps reduce dive under braking and holds the front end higher.

They also feature a deeper top cap section allowing the fork to be lowered through the top yoke raising the ride height further still. For legal reasons Thunderbike does not condone this for street use. Ahem.

Comes complete with required fitting hardware and instructions, works with standard hoses and cables.
Note: Please select which bike you will be fitting them to as the fitting kit/ instructions differ.

We have covered some serious K's testing different configurations and what we've ended up with is 20-25mm extra ground clearance under the footpeg brackets without sacrificing the easy neutral handling of the original set up. All for a fraction of the cost of changing out fork tubes.

We've taken on board customer feedback on these and are now polishing the top cap section to give a more pleasing factory look finish to match the rest of your spangly TBird!

Thunderbike Thunderbird 16/1700 Fork Cap Kit Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 310.00 Quantity
Thunderbike Thunderbird Commander Fork Cap Kit Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 310.00 Quantity

Thunderbird 1600/1700:

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WOW what a difference by Ian Australia 20/10/17
I installed the fork caps today and the front end feels much more planted in the corners and there is significantly less dive under breaking. The extra ground clearance is welcome and I already feel more confident leaning the bike over. Fit and quality of the caps is top notch. Thanks for a great product and service.