Thunderbike Bonneville, T100, Scrambler, Thruxton Chrome Luggage Rack

Struggle to carry all your gear when you're off on a trip? This rear carrier will allow you to carry luggage easily on your bike.

Quality tubular steel construction with a sparkling chrome finish it is functional and good looking!

Don't want a rack permanently bolted to the back? Fear not! What is cool about this rack is that it is bolted to a seperate base rail meaning it can be taken off and put on in minutes. Perfect if you're running late for that ferry and forgot to put it on!

When you're not carrying stuff we have a Grab Rail available that can be mounted instead, cleaning up the lines of the rear of the bike and giving your pillion something else to hold on to.

The luggage rack kit comes with the carrier, base mounting rail, fittings and instructions. Or go for the complete package with the grab rail as well.

If you already have a Grab Rail Kit the luggage rack is available as a seperate item too.

The Thunderbike luggage rack kit can be fitted to the Triumph Bonneville, T100, Scrambler and Thruxton.


  • Extra luggage space for those longer trips
  • Unbolts in 2 minutes for convenience
  • Chromed steel construction for strength and good looks.
  • Interchangable with the Thunderbike Grab Rail for a choice of function
  • Complete kit with fitting hardware and instructions for ease of assembly

Proudly made in New Zealand.

Please note: We offer a 6 month warranty on all chromed products from the date of purchase, the same as Genuine Triumph.
While chrome should last longer than that in some environments/condition, there are others (eg, coastal situations, or areas where salts are applied to the road, or even storage in a moist enviroment, like a steel container or unlined steel garage) where chrome can fail very quickly indeed. Chrome has a very porous finish and should always be waxed to prolong its life.

Luggage Rack Kit TBBONRACKKIT Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 650.00 Quantity
Luggage Rack Kit Plus Grab Handle TBBONRACK&GRABR Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 750.00 Quantity
Luggage Rack Only TBBONRACKONL Includes freight & GST   NZ$ 385.00 Quantity


Enhance the performance your Triumph Scrambler twin motorcycle with Thunderbike manufactured parts like the Performance Exhaust Mufflers or an additional front sprocket. Protect your Scrambler motorbike from road dirt with mudguards and add a chrome luggage rack for those extra bags. We also offer third party aftermarket parts for your Triumph Scrambler that we have tested ourself.