Uni Filter Air Filter - Thunderbird 16/1700, Storm, Speedmaster & America

Looking for an affordable alternative to a 'throw away' OEM air filter? Never sure if you've put enough or too much oil on a re-useable aftermarket filter?

These Uni Filters by Uniflow in Australia come assembled as a seperate foam filter medium and expanded steel mesh cage meaning the foam can be easily removed from the cage allowing you to clean and re-oil it easily. Because the foam comes seperate it can be properly soaked in the oil and properly wrung out to the right saturation too meaning you will have peace of mind that your filter is properly oiled and in the right condition to do its job properly.

Uniflow produce polyurethane foam air filters which have excellent flow characteristics and filtration properties. Uniflow design air filters for Australian conditions where some of the finest dust particles in the world can be found (down to 1 micron in places which is equivalent to talcum powder!) and their air filters are used successfully by many professional racing outfits in Australia so they know a thing or two about keeping dirt out of your engine while letting it breathe!

These Uni Filters are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Not to be confused with the US UniFilter which comes with the foam filter medium bonded to the cage making it much more difficult to get a consistent application of filter oil.


  • High flow and excellent filtration properties
  • Re-useable - Clean and re-oil regularly for years of use
  • Seperate foam filter medium makes cleaning and oiling a breeze
  • Very economical compared to OEM and other aftermarket performance alternatives
  • Thunderbike will pre-oil the filter for you - The first oil is on us!

Please note these do not fit the Commander/LT models.

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Thunderbird 1600, 1700, Storm Uni Filter UNIFNU3702 Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 91.00 Quantity
Speedmaster Uni Filter UNIFNU3702 Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 91.00 Quantity
America Uni Filter UNIFNU3702 Including GST & Freight   NZ$ 91.00 Quantity

Speedmaster / America:

Our aftermarket parts for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster and Bonneville America cruiser motorcycles will enhance the performance and appearance of your motorbike. Our own high quality Thunderbike made parts for the Triumph Speedmaster and America include luggage racks, handlebars and performance mufflers / exhausts that will add some functional chrome and power to your motorbike. Additionally we offer third party quality motorbike accessories from other manufacturers that we have tested ourself.