Tiger 1050 Adventure Crashbars

Our Rugged 955 crash bar design updated to fit the Tiger 1050. Superior protection for your bike.

Protect engine covers, fairings, instruments, tank, handlebars and footpegs. No other crash bars provide this level of protection! See image for angle of protection in a slide.

  • Easy to fit.
  • Won't restrict ground clearance
  • All hardware and simple instructions included
  • Easily fitted and removed in approximately 60 minutes.
  • Finished in black powder coat.

All heavy duty steel construction for additional strength and durability - Designed with small spills /topples in mind, however see the review below to read about one of our customers experiences!

Proudly made in New Zealand.
Our crashbars are made to order and the lead time to manufacture is 4-6 weeks plus shipping

1050 Tiger Crashbar set Including freight and GST   NZ$ 599.00 Quantity


Protect your Triumph Tiger when you go offroad with Thunderbike's Crashbars, Sump Guard, Mudguards and Radiator Stone Guards and add that extra performance with our Stainless Muffler Exhaust kit. We also offer third party aftermarket parts for your Triumph Tiger motorcycle like luggage racks, automatic chain oilers or handlebar grip heaters.

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Crash bars tested by Travis USA 24/10/17
Hello Thunderbike
I wanted to personally thank you for creating a awesome and durable product. No one ever wants to test crash bars but I did during my morning commute on 28 March 2016. I was traveling at 100 km h in the outside lane of the motorway. A truck traveling in the inside lane just forward of me hit and through a large black object directly at my bike. I had very little time even roll off the throttle and apply the brakes before the object hit and wrapped around the front wheel and caused the bike to low side to the left. I was traveling at least 90km h when the bike low sided and I slid for approximately 20 meters and the bike went another 20.

The initial assessment of the bike looked promising as the crash bars took a majority of the damage. The left hand guard had a little abrasion the left peg was bent and the left pannier was kissed by the road. The only thing that kept the bike from being operational was a broken oil line going to the oil cooler. This was caused by the object being sucked up between the front wheel and radiator cooler. The damage to me is a sore left forearm and shoulder and my pride. ATGATT.

All of this was caused by a $35.00 rubber trashcan that was in the middle of the motorway. Even better is that the trashcan was from a nearby fuel station that was 0.5 km down the road. Maybe they can give me a free tank of fuel for my troubles.

Thank you again on tough and well made product.