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Tiger 885i (99-00 model) Stainless Performance Muffler Kit

Tiger Tiger

Stage One
This is just the adaptor pipe only:

This replaces the existing collector box/catalyst on the 900 Tiger. Fitting this adaptor pipe alone will give an increase in power, which improves the 900 Tiger output to a level higher than a standard 955i. Factory exhaust note remains virtually unchanged. See dyno chart for results.

Stage Two
This is the Thunderbike Performance Muffler only:

This is a bolt on replacement muffler which works best with the factory standard pipe tune. A noticeable power increase of 4bhp and torque improvement can be expected at the rear wheel. The distinct Triumph Triple 3 into 1 exhaust note will accompany the performance improvement.

Stage Three

Thunderbike Performance Muffler Kit:

This kit gives the maximum performance benefit. Fitting the Performance Muffler and replacing the collector/catalyst with our adaptor pipe will increase power to 86bhp at the rear wheel with a noticable increase in torque throughout the rev range. The sound is also increased giving a satisfying 3 into 1 growl-to-howl (depending on operator technique!!!) to compliment your new increased performance.

Must be used with Triumph aftermarket pipe tune#10126

Proudly made in New Zealand.
Our exhausts are made to order and the lead time to manufacture is 3-4 weeks plus shipping.
Remember the price below includes shipping to wherever you are in the world!

Tiger 885i Stage 1 Adapter pipe TBTIGCOL   US$ 233.00 Quantity
Tiger 885i Stage 2 Muffler onlyTBTIGMUF   US$ 719.00 Quantity
Tiger 885i Stage 3 Collector and Muffler kit   US$ 889.40 Quantity